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Sampling Equipment

High Volume Air Sampling Pump

High volume sampling pump 0-20Lpm used for air sampling with Air-O-Cell and NADCA test.
To Perform NADCA Test, you will need to purchase:
  • High Volume Air Sampling Pump
  • 37mm Matched Weight Cassettes
  • NADCA Template

    Specification Sheet
    Hand Held Particle Counter
    Model # HHPC2

    The portable, 2-channel Hand Held Airborne Particle Counter (HHPC-2), with download software and personal computer interface, affords the cost-conscious customer with an economical alternative while still getting an accurate and reliable instrument to count particles in air. The palm size HHPC-2 is ideal for monitoring pharmaceutical and electronic manufacturing environments, as well as testing indoor quality and industrial monitoring.

    Specification Sheet
    Hand Held Particle Counter
    Model # HHPC-6

    The Handheld Particle Counter Six (HHPC-6) simultaneously displays six channels of particle size distribution, The HHPC-6 hold 500 samples (2,000 with option EX) in data memory and records date, time, counts, sample volume, temperature and R/H. Data is easily downloaded to a computer or printer using the included RS-232/RS-485 interface cable and utility software. With value packed features and excellent reliability, it is easy to see why the HHPC-6 is a winner among professionals who monitor and verify clean rooms, test filters and track down particle source problems. The intelligent design and overall utility of the HHPC-6 is invaluable for IAQ investigations, making workplace environments safer and healthier.

    Specification Sheet
    IR Hygrotemp 24
    Digital Psychrometer and InfraRed Thermometer

    Five measurements in one tool! Monitor wet bulb, dew point, humidity, ambient and non-contact IR temperature in offices, factories, clean rooms, residences and greenhouses. Excellent tool for mold inspections and remediation work. InfraRed surface temperature measurements in hard to reach areas such as heating and air conditioning ducts. Include cable and interface software CD for downloading data.

    Specification Sheet
    Digital Manometer
    Model # DM 2000

    Pressure measurement is made easy with this highly accurate digital manometer. Troubleshoot and balance HVAC systems, medical equipment and clean rooms. Measures gas supply and draft pressures in residential, commercial or industrial properties. Simple one button operation gives you quick responses measured in in.WC.

    Specification Sheet
    Digital Manometer
    Model # DC 2000

    Five instruments in one! Multi-purpose meter for pressure, velocity, leakage, temperature and humidity plus its a data logger. Use for long and short term logging of temperature, humidity and pressure. Troubleshoot and balance HVAC systems using this quick, accurate and wide range manometer!
    For Rental of Sampling Equipment
    and Complete Analysis of Samples,
    visit Mycotech Biological
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