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Shown with spraying valve and tip

  Inspector Robot III

   All of the best features available in the industry Today!
  • Inspections
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical Spraying

Heavy Duty Construction
100 cable
Hand Held Controller
Front and Rear Color Cameras
Adjustable lights front and rear
Variable speed control
Auto reverse Controls
Full Digital Recording Capability
512 MB S Card and USB Port Adapter
Record video images directly into unit
and download into laptop with full editing ability
Instant video playback
One Hour internal Battery or 110-220v 50/60 Hz
3.5 Video screen with RCA out for connection to other monitor or laptop
Air Whip Head for Cleaning
Forward Air Nozzles
Exclusive Spray Valve that controls
spray at the robot - 360 spray tip

Robot weight:8 lbs
Robot:7x7x3 tall
Control Unit:7.5x3.25x6
(monitor upright)
Dual front/rear lights
Dual cameras:640x480 pixels
Dual High Torque motors
Pressure control spray valve
100 cable


Third vertical camera
Custom cases
External Battery
Rotating Brush System


Dual soft brushes for square and rectangular air ducts (Air driven)

Deluxe Robot Package

Air whip arm assembly

Rotary brush system
2004 Package
Owner's Manual
Deluxe Cleaning Robot

New Full Feature Robot, can spray, coat, and brush duct interiors on round, square, or rectangular ducts. Faster than any other product on the market! Two cameras make the viewing and recording process easy.

The system comes with the base robot unit, extendable and height adjustable to platform that holds the air wand, spray wand, rotary brush or dual horizontal brush motor accessories.

Length: 18" (460mm), Width 11.25" (285mm)
Weight 38 lbs (17.2 kg)
High resolution wide angle color forward camera
Black & White adjustable rear camera manual focus
Adjustable camera position
Super Grip tracks -- Smooth tracks -- Tire drives
Air wands
Spray wand
Rotary brushing
4 sizes of horizontal brushes -- up to 20" in height
Adjustable tool positioning
Proportional controls
Travels more than 75' per minute

More features and more value!

The only choice for professional robotic cleaning
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