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Fosters Duct Liner Adhesive Coating
(White 40-10, Black 40-11)

Foster Duct Liner Adhesive Coasting is a quick setting water base adhesive and coating designed for field or shop application to faced or unfaced fiberglass duct liner insulation, or to unfaced fiberglass duct board insulation. It dries to form an effective air erosion preventative coating, sealing and reinforcing the surface of new or aged duct liner insulation materials and is resistant to fire, water, oil, grease, bacteria and fungus.

Fosters Fungicidal Protective Coating
(White 40-20, Black 40-30)

Foster Fungicidal Protective Coating is a polyacrylate copolymer emulsion specifically formulated for long term fungicidal activity, with no loss of activity on aging. It contains fungicides that will effectively prevent the growth and spread of molds and bacteria on its surface. It provides a tough, elastic protective finish that allows for movement without splitting to create lodging places for bacteria. The coating improves the indoor air quality by guarding against the re-growth and proliferation of harmful bacteria and molds throughout the building and air handling equipment. As a result, the building occupants have a healthier environment, and one that is free of the odor problems often associated with contaminated HVAC duct systems.

Fosters Mold Resistant Coating
(White 40-50, Clear 40-51)

Foster Mold-Resistant Coating is the highest quality, low viscosity mold-resistant coating on the market today. Specially formulated with selected EPA-registered anti-microbial agents, Foster 40-50 provides long-term protection against odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew growth on its surface in a thin, low odor, easy to apply coating that leaves a white film that is easy to clean and highly resistant to staining. Can be used on bare wood, wood studs, OSB, drywall, plywood, painted surfaces, wallboard, masonry, ceilings and metal.

Fosters Duct Liner Insulation Sealant

Fosters Duct Liner Insulation Sealant is a water base material specially formulated for application to HVAC duct liner or duct board insulation. An application of 40-23 onto liner ducts, after source removal is complete, will effectively contain insulation fibers and residual materials including soot and ash.

Fosters Duct Deodorizer Sanitizer

Foster 40-80 HVAC & Wall Disinfectant is a disinfectant-cleaner-fungicide-mildewstat-virucide-deodorizer designed for hospital, institutional, commercial and industrial use. It is an EPA registered formulation, a full strength disinfectant, and comes in a convenient ready to use dilution. 40-80 has been evaluated in the presence of 5% serum by the AOCA Use-Dilution test and found to be effective against a broad spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive organisms.

Bio-Cide Oxine Sanitizer

The professionals product of choice for killing mold and mildew. Highly effective fungicidal that is environmentally safe for use in air duct sanitizing. Oxine has highest reputation in the market for killing mold, mildew on contact. Used widely in hospitals, factories, commercial properties and industrial.

Bio-Cide EnviroCon
Scented or Unscented

Envirocon is registered by the EPA as a Bacteriostat, Fungistat, Germistat and all purpose deodorizer. This registration allows EnviroCon to be applied directly to HVAC system ductwork, evaporator coils, drip pans, and associated air conditioning parts. It may also be used in all building HVAC systems residential, commercial, industrial and health facilities. It is easily applied with the use of hand held fogger or air driven sprayer. All HVAC surfaces should be pre-cleaned prior to application.

MSDS and Product Data Sheets for all Fosters Products

MSDS and Product Data Sheets for all Bio-Cide Products
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